Suddenlink Email Settings and Support Guide

A handy reference guide to Suddenlink ISP email, account log in, settings, speed test, and support. Suddenlink is owned by Alice USA, the US spinoff of the Netherlands-based Altice NV. The Altice brand is used for some products, such as Altice Mobile.

check your suddenlink email

Use the button below to log into your Suddenlink webmail:
Suddenlink Email Login

Email settings for Suddenlink:

Username Your email address (including the @ portion)
SMTP server Server:
Port: 465
Security type (if prompted): SSL
IMAP server Server:
Port: 993
Security type (if prompted): SSL
POP server Server:
Port: 995
Security type (if prompted): SSL

pay your suddenlink bill

Here's every way that you can pay your residential Suddenlink bill online.

suddenlink speed test and outage check

Suddenlink advertises plans with 100 mbps, 400 mbps, and 1 gig internet speeds. But what if you’re experiencing much slower speeds? Start diagnosing the problem by running a speed test. Use one of the free public speed test sites below.

Is Suddenlink currently down?

If you’ve rebooted your router and modem and you still can’t access your Suddenlink services, you can check Down Detector and Twitter to see if other Suddenlink customers are reporting problems:

suddenlink customer support phone numbers

Suddenlink FAQs

Can Suddenlink see what I search?

Not exactly. When you access a website such as Google, Bing, or any search engine over secure https rathern than insecure http, any data you submit to the site can’t be read by your ISP.

However your ISP, such as Suddenlink, will know the websites you visit if you use their DNS servers. This is because any time you enter a website address into your browser, your browser first does a lookup at the DNS server before loading the website.

You can read the Suddenlink privacy policy to understand what data they connect, but you can also switch your DNS server to one that is more privacy-focused. These services are free, are often faster, and sometimes provide additional functionality such as malware blocking.

There are several services to choose from. Here are a few:

Who owns Suddenlink Communications?

Suddenlink is owned by Alice USA, the US spinoff of the Netherlands-based Altice NV. According to Wikipedia:

Altice and Suddenlink announced on May 20, 2015 that Altice agreed to acquire 70% of Suddenlink in a deal valued at $9.1 billion. As part of the deal BC Partners will retain 15% voting share and 18.2% in equity while CPP Investment Board will retain 15% voting share and 11.8% in equity. At the time of the announcement Suddenlink was the seventh largest cable operator with 1.5 million residential and 90,000 business subscribers. The deal closed on December 21, 2015. Altice also announced on September 17 that year it would acquire Cablevision for $17.7 billion and completed the deal on June 21, 2016. After both deals were completed Altice USA became the fourth largest cable operator in the country with 4.6 million subscribers and the sixth largest pay television operator with 3.50 million subscribers.

Will Suddenlink lower my bill?

According to multiple reports on the internet by Suddenlink customers, it is possible to negotiate a lower price on your Suddenlink bill. Be prepared to spend a little time on the phone, with customer service, but it could pay off with savings of $10, $20 or more a month.

Here are some techniques that people have had success with:

  • Call customer service, state that you are unhappy with the price you pay for service, and tell them you want to cancel. If you’ve ever gotten junk mail from a Suddenlink competitor with a lower introductory price, also mention that offer and that you intend to switch. They should forward you to their customer rentention department, who will hopefully offer to match that price. Remember that you don’t actually need to carry through with switching - you just need to .
  • Look for new promotions. Sometimes you’ll find a deal on the package you currently have, in which case you can try asking for the same deal. Often these deals are for new customers only, but if you are persistent enough you can sometimes negotiate getting the same deal.
  • Use a service like Bill Shark or Bill Fixers to negotiate a lower price for you.

The bottom line is that if you are persistent, you should be able to save a few bucks on your monthly bill.

What Suddenlink stores near me are open?

Suddenlink has stores throughout 14 states in the US. To find the location of the Suddelink store nearest to you and the hours of operation, visit this page and click on your location.

Where is the Suddenlink To Go TV Schedule?

The Suddenlink2Go app (available on iOS) and Altice One App (available on iOS, Android, and Kindle Fire) are mobile apps that allow you to watch TV on the go.

Download the apps using the links below:

Suddenlink2Go for iOS

Altice One App for iOS

Altice One App for Android

Altice One App for Kindle Fire

For the current TV and movies listing schedule, visit the Suddenlink2Go website.